I have decided to add a blog to this site. While i often have lots to say, I haven't written a lot. 

I will start now.

Since I have been in the house for 4 weeks. I decided this is a good time to start.

So welcome to anyone who is interested in reading my blog!

Roni M. Chastain


Playing at home

March 07, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Well after spending the past 6 weeks recovering, i finally got out my camera, and set up an area on my dining room table. i used a long piece of white paper hung over a board and took photos of my orchids, plants & vase with flowers. i loved the way they came out so i also did some of my wooden ducks and my angel collection! it felt good to get back to shooting and processing. i am looking forward to actually getting out to shoot!

i am doing a bit better. i realized i need to take the pain medication more regularly. when i don't it just hurts to much. when i do take the pain med i feel better and can do more. i had blood work done today, i was not supposed to eat anything, so i didn't take any pain med until 11...yikes...it definitely hurt a lot.  i took the pain med a few hours ago, i walk better and can bend my legs better. i am trying to work them to improve the flexion and extension.

this is one of the photos i did today, playing at home.




On my own

March 05, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

well i have been on my own for 2 days. i drove to physical therapy yesterday, did well. i was able to ride a stationary bike. the therapist thinks i am doing well. she did think i would be sore today....she was right!  i am trying, still having pain and at times difficulty sleeping. i am trying to bend and stretch as much as i can.

got an email from a friend, she came to visit me today. we went out for lunch. it was a real treat. we sat for less than an hour yet when i got up, my knees hurt, i was stiff and it was painful. after a few minutes it gets better.  i am anxious to increase my endurance, i get so tired so quickly. 

i did work on a slide show today and i have been watching some tutorials on the slide show software. i learned some new things and added some background and banners to the end of my slide show.

it is posted on youtube, and is a slide show on my photos from radio city. 


i need to do more slide shows!

:) roni



Slowly getting back to normal

March 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

well i am slowly getting back to a normal routine. my sister left today, she was with me for almost 4 weeks. i could not have done this recovery without her. i am doing better on the stairs and walking a bit better. i am trying hard to bend and extend my legs, does it hurt...absolutely! but i realize now that i have to deal with the pain and just go beyond it. i am trying, it is still tight and painful. i think i was a bit fearful of doing some damage, aside from dealing with the pain. 

i have driven twice and have no difficulty with this. my foot moves well, and i don't move my knee much when i am driving. i am happy that i will be able to drive myself to rehab. i have also cut down on the pain med. i am taking advil, which definitely helps with the inflammation. 

i am on the road to recovery!!!!! looking forward to getting back to shooting abandoned buildings!


Saw the doctor today

February 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

well i saw the doctor today. he wasn't too happy that i can't extend my right leg all the way. i have to really work at this and see him again in 2 weeks. 

i am off the blood thinnner which is great. now i am able to take an anti-inflammatory and this will help reduce the swelling so i can bend my knees more. i have been working on this all afternoon and do see some slight improvement.

i can start to drive, but will keep it local for a while until i am really comfortable. i will drive to rehab tomorrow, with my sister in the car. 

once i can drive and walk better...i can get back to taking photos....looking forward to the warm weather and getting out more!


this photo i took at wavehill several years ago. 

     _RMC2324_tonemapped_tonemapped copy

Making slow progress

February 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

well it is 5 weeks today with my new knees. they are feeling a bit better, left leg is definitely better than right. i had my first out patient rehab. it went well and i did like the therapist more than the therapist i had in rehab. she did think i was doing well and said it was common to have one leg improve faster than the other.

i have been going thru old photos, posting more. i am actually thinking of doing some photography..i just have to get my camera out and start shooting.

this is one of the older photos i have posted on 500 px. 

i will see the doctor tomorrow for the first time since the surgery. i am anxious to hear his report on how i am doing. i will also have xrays. i am hoping i will be able to drive soon. 


 _RMC2287 copy


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