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Nassau Swcd
Protecting & Improving the environment at All over Nassau County

***Nassau County Soil & Water Conservation District is the premiere environmental organization working since 1977 in Nassau County to protect natural resources, raising awareness, and beautify the environment one garden at a time. We are an independent agency that brings togther the public and government in a non-partian and non-political way to beautify the area and protect natural reources.

We have done a lot of work on farmland in Nassau County (yes, there are farms in the area), but we we have also worked on many residential and commercial properties to fix flooding problems, high water table related troubles, and gardening challenges from garden design to picking the right plants for your land.

You probably know us best for building community and rain gardens, selling rain barrels, mitigtaing flood and erosion problems, controling invasive plant species, and wetland restorations. We are also leading the way to improve Long Island's stormwater infrastructure to protect our drinking water and the water we swim in as well as catch fish to feed our families. Some practices we promote are green roofs (with plants), blue roofs (with gravel), vegatative bioswales to filter water pollutants, proper septic system maintenance, etc.

Please contact us to see how you can join the movement to improve the beauty and health of our environment or if you have a unique environmnetal problem. We can be reached by phone (516-364-5860) or email (***

Our website is < >.

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